Alumni Making a Difference

The Apostle Paul never lost sight of the fact that he was born to fulfill his destiny by serving Christ …today others have also committed to fulfill their destiny in the same manner.

Republica DominicanaDominican Republic
Mirelis Agramonte, Dominican Republic, 2012 TMP graduate. “I want you to know that through the teachings I learned in TMP God has given me messages of faith unimaginable to me. It is as if I touched the invisible. In each one of the churches, where I have preached these messages, the glory of God has been with me and I could see how the Spirit of God convinced the people. God used me to strengthen the faith of His people. What a great gift! It was very necessary for me to receive TMP Training; for me, my family and for many others. How I yearn to see you again. Thank you.”

Mirelis is a doctor, served in the DR military, and had been serving with her husband in a denominational church. When their hard religious rules began to affect her family, she knew God had much more to teach her and applied for the TMP training. What a marvelous change from a hard heart to one open to God’s great love and compassion.

TMP-ordained Pastors Samuel and Genara Santa Maria, 2006-2007 graduates; Samuel is a TMP ordained minister. They were overcome with the teachings they heard of the love of God. “Our eternal gratitude goes to all in TMP who gave us this opportunity.”

After returning to their home church, they began reaching out to children who had no shoes. They have provided over 10,000 pairs of tennis shoes to poverty-stricken children, demonstrating the love of Jesus by first washing their feet, putting socks on them, and then shoes. They have been given access to hardened teenage criminals in prisons where “Our purpose is to unite the two most dangerous gangs in Peru under Jesus Christ (each gang has approximately 1000 members)”.

Samuel and Genara have worked with teenagers in their church who now join them in washing the feet of the hardest criminal youth gangs, youths their own age, and giving them new shoes as they share the love of Christ. The Santa Maria’s are producing young disciples filled with the love of Christ.

Joan and Carmen Bel, 2005-2006 graduates, from Spain; Joan is an ordained minister under TMP. They began “Asosiacion Nuevos Pasos” (Association of New Steps) and went on to begin a work in Peru in the poorest regions, organizing food programs, beginning day care centers and orphanages. They were then given the opportunity to teach in public schools that Jesus Christ is the answer to stopping child abuse. With success in their growing work, the Bels followed God’s leading and moved to Bolivia, where they first established a Asosiacion Nuevcos Pasos reaching out again to the poorest children, and have established a new church.

Osvaldo and Yusimi Menendez, 2010 TMP graduates from Spain and licensed ministers under TMP, were working with the Bels in Peru and are now heading up the Peruvian work under the Bels oversight. The Menendez are enlarging the vision as they work with broken families, and minister in the public schools, carrying on the day care centers, orphanages, while planning even greater works. They have hearts of love and compassion for the broken families and their children.

Pastor Victor Leal Rodrigues, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico, a 1988 TMP graduate and TMP ordained minister, was formerly a professor in Electrical Engineering. Since his graduation, Victor has collaborated in planting new churches, as well as taking the Word to and empowering leaders in Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Spain, and Africa. He has traveled to China, where he taught the Word of God to leaders in several cities.

In April of 2002, Victor and his wife Silvia Alicia Amaya, a 2006 TMP graduate and ordained minister, founded the Christian Center in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. “We are conscious that in this day it is not sufficient to just be a believer, but instead it requires leaders to develop leaders, not just followers. Leaders are needed who understand that the love and grace of God is the only answer for the turmoil in our country, and that the harvest is plenty. Training believers to be leaders, we can multiply and reach the world in need of answers, and the answer is Jesus Christ.”

Victor currently operates as Sr. pastor of Christian Center Matamoros, acting secretary of the Matamoros Ministerial Alliance, and secretary of the Christian Centers of Christians in Action in Mexico.

Pastor Javier Suárez, Venezuela, 2002 TMP graduate. “The work of God continues to move through us, the church has grown in number, we have about 400 people and we had the privilege to open three more churches. We are building an auditorium for 900 people. This has not been easy but God has been our provider. Glory to God for everything! As a minister, I have had the privilege of visiting Europe, Asia and parts of Latin America doing God’s work. My wife and I serve together in ministry as I learned at TMP; my life changed completely.”

Javier was studying law when he became born again, then active in ministry only 4 or 5 years when he attended TMP training program. He and his wife were ministering to hardened youth and their ministry took off. The love of God changed his life and today you can see what has happened in their work.

Pastor Antonio Perez, 1993 graduate and TMP ordained minister, began taking TMP teaching videos to pastors in the mountains after he left TMP, teaching pastors in his country and in Brazil. He has been on the road since graduating from TMP, teaching leaders and beginning many new works through his travels. “We have two churches and I continue teaching leadership in my country and Brazil”. He was recently honored for his work by the pastors in the city of Maturin, Venezuela, a city of one million people with 1,000+ churches.

Patricia Balarezo, after graduating from TMP in 1999, returned to her country of Ecuador to continue as pastor of a mission church but her enthusiasm for the powerful word of God she learned in TMP resulted in invitations to teach what she had learned. Later she was led by the Spirit to leave family, friends and church to go to an area close to Milan, Italy where there was no on-going Christian work. Patricia began a bible study with new converts and it began to draw many people in that region. Meeting two times a month, there are now 70 plus men and women whose hunger for more scriptural truths continues to increase in number. She also has a weekly home group with 15 people and leadership training to 4 of her leaders to multiply the work. She listens to the TMPRadio 24 hour internet radio station which airs music and teachings.