This form is only for graduates of TMP and its Program "Advanced Leadership Training", and who also named by god, devote their full time to the service of Him, the church and their communities.

If you have not obtained fully the essential information concerning the rules or conditions to receive a ministerial accreditation of TMP, please click here (direct link to "Ministerial Credential Policies").

Please note the following:

  • This application form must be filled only by the graduate.
  • You must answer all questions, and always trying to be short and precise. Enter N/A in the place of something that does not apply yo you. A "thank you" announcement will confirm that shipping was successful.  
  • Along with this application you should alse send us the An Activity Report and Certification of someone close to you and to the work you do.

As soon as we have reviewed all of you information, we will be sending our response by email. This may take up to three weeks, if in that time you have not received our notification, please contaxct us by email or by telephone. 

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If you were not marrier when you first came to TMP, please list here the names of your spouse and children with their ages:
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In addition to the ministry, do you have any other income for living?
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If YES, explain  
Did you change your ministerial position after coming to TMP?
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If TES, explain  
According to Efe. 4:11-13; 1Tim. 1:12 What is your calling in ministry?
Did you have any previous accreditation from us?
Yes No
If YES, which one?
When was this? (what year?)
Please give the reasons for your request to TMP for an Ordained Minister credential?
What aspescts of what you learned here in TMP impacted you the most?
What area of scriptural truths has the Lord led you to mediate on the most? Please answer in deteail
Most recently, have you received a better or clearer understanding in a particular areas of your life, as a worker or believer in Christ? (It may be personal, in your family or ministry)
Have the teachings you received in TMP helped you in some way to improve your relationships in your family? (Spouse, children)
Yes No
Briefly explain:  
Are you having a regular fellowship with your personal family outside the ministry activities?
Yes No
What are you doing in this regard within your first ministry, which is the personal family? (Spouse, children)
Do you think your spouse has a calling in ministry?
Yes No
If YES, in what area?  
Is he/she active at this time?
Yes No
Are you a member of a Ministerial Alliance, Pastor's Circle or some group like this?
Yes No
If YES, please state which one and state whether you carry out some kind of function:

Do you currently have an accreditation, licensing, or other form of ordination affiliation given by some organization (secular or religious)?specify which or what, and what organization it is? (It does not necessarily affect you from receiving one from us, but it is important for us in understanding the relationship that we would be forming).

Yes No
If YES, explain:  
Are you currently under a specific covering of another ministry? (It does not necessarily affect you from receiving one from us, but it is important for us in understanding the relationship that we would be forming).
Yes No
If yes, please briefly describe the kind of relationship that you maintain, name of person, group, or denomination and how long have you been involved with them:
Do you give coverage to some other ministry or person?
Yes No
If YES, to who or whom or in what form?
Have the teachings you received in TMP help you in some way to improve your relationships in the area of ministry?
Yes No
Briefly explain:
What are you doing in this respect?
If you leading a congregation, do you include complete integrity in giving a complete account about money, funds, or income?
Yes No
Do you have honest people to help you in this area?
Yes No
Briefly explain:
What amount of time do you separate for communion with God through prayer and the study of His word?
How otherwise are you growing in the knowledge of Him?
Are you operating in any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit? If so, what are they?
Rate yourselft, scoring from 1 to 10. Please be honest and very objective. Do not flaunt "humility" or "perfection"
a. Work habits, perseverance, creativity, responsibility
b. Judgment, ability to solve problems
c. Reaction to pressures
d. Attitude of submission or be teachable
e. Fidelity, loyalty
f. Tolerance/patience
g. Ethics/morality
h. Personal Integrity
i. Honesty/Sincerity
j. Confidentiality/discretion
k. Wisdom, discernment
l. Self-control
m. Attitude towards criticism; how well you handle it
n. Administrative Skills
o. Stewardship (resources in general)
p. Communication
q. Motivated
r. Continual improvement in leadership
s. Ability to establish goals and planning
t. Promote unity among believers
u. Identiy, develop and promote those with leadership potential
v. Your personal performande among other leaders
w. Fellowship with other local pastors or ministers
x. Aware of needs in community, area or sector

What areas would you recognize as your strengths?

What areas would you recognize as your weaknesses?

Are there any areas in the ministry that are difficult for you? Explain:

What area of ministry do you feel the most rewarded?

Whar area of ministry do you consider we can be of assistance to you?

What area of your person life can we be of assistance to you?


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