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Advanced Leadership Training
This unique program provides advance Biblical studies for Christian ministers and professional leaders. You will be prepared to powerfully increase your influence in the work God has for now and for your destiny. Instructors provide “leaders reaching leaders” format as they share their Biblical and experiential wisdom needed today. Separate TMP facilities enable leaders to focus on God and receive powerful, life changing teachings from His word.
Men in Leadership March 16th to April 19th, 2018

Women in Leadership October 26th to December 6th, 2018

Biblical empowerment
This especial two week program is designed to impact the lives of those in ministry who do not have the time to attend the specialized Advance Leadership Training six week course. Only those who are actively engaged in ministry and/or professional work are qualified to apply.
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Alumni Leadership Summit
It is a program of renewal and innovation for our graduates. During the walk in the ministry it is evident the lack of strategies, tools and forces, of men and women involved in leadership. It is very necessary to have a time of spiritual, emotional and mental revitalization.Leadership Summit is a time of retreat that strengthens and empowers alumni for future challenges they encounter.

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